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Please find our collection of previous highlights of our most interesting, unique or rare books on this page. For any additional information on any of these titles, or if you're looking for anything similar, please don't hesitate to reach out! Find our contact information here

Nuovi ritrovamenti, divisi in due parti - Cornelis Janszoon Meijer (1629 - 1701) November 2023

Beautiful copy of the definitive variant of the work, richly and beautifully illustrated as well as the rarest and most sought after. Among the double-page illustrations are the harbour of Livorno, the eclipse of Ganymede of 23 October 1680, the transit of the comets of Kirch (C / 1680 V1) Halley (1P / Halley) and Bianchini (C / 1684 N1) and a very detailed representation of the hydrological system of the Polesine and the Comacchio valleys; on the reverse of the latter, two engravings of the so-called Dragon of the Tiber. The engraving depicting the comets was originally announced in the title of the second edition of Meijer's work on the regulation of the waters of the Tiber (L'arte di restituire a Roma la trascurata Navigazione del suo Tevere, 1685), but was not included in that work and published only in the present edition of the Nuovi ritrovamenti. This curious collection is completed by a detailed trilingual index (Italian, Latin and Dutch), where the last topic of the second part (here bound first) is incorrectly indicated as “Fig [ura]. 16”, while actually a chapter of two pp. devoid of illustrations.

Bibliography: Robin Middleton The One-room apartment In: AA Files, July 1983, No. 4, pp. 60-64; Olschki, Choix de livres XI, 17589; G. J. Hoogewerff, Cornelis Jansz. Meijer: Amsterdamsch ingenieur in Italië (1629 - 1701), in Oud-Holland, 38 (1920), pp. 83-103; K. van Berkel, ‘Cornelius Meijer inventor et fecit’: On the Representation of Science in Late Seventeenth-Century Rome, in P. Smith, P. Findlen (eds.), Merchants and Marvels: Commerce, Science, and Art in Early Modern Europe, pp. 277-296; M. Bevilacqua, Cornelis Meyer dall’Olanda all’Italia, in M. Guardo (ed.), Sul biondo Tevere. Il restauro del codice 34 K 16 della Biblioteca dell’Accademia nazionale dei Lincei e Corsiniana, pp. 83-93; J. Connors, The one-room apartment of Cornelis Meijer, in N. Avcıoğlu, A. Sherman (edd.), Artistic Practices and Cultural Transfer in Early Modern Italy. Essays in Honour of Deborah Howard, pp. 40-64.

(Seller ref. MC0447)

€ 2500

MC0447 (22).JPG
MC0447 (10).jpg

Watercolour album 19th century
Anonymous - August 2023

Oblong 4 to (308x230); collection of 50 watercolours. Red cloth. Covers a little worn. Content fine.

Beautiful collection of elegantly executed watercolours, mostly depicting costumes from different eras, some characters from the “commedia dell'arte”, others illustrating a story (captions in Italian). Several watercolours signed “O. Trich”, one signed “E. Torchi”, all dated in the last 20 years of the XIX century.

A charming and interesting album.

(Seller ref. MC0472)

€ 2500

Watercolour antique album 19th century rare
Antique rare water colour album european
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